This course is for beginners, Yunaflower_cake offline students, and who may want to need additional guidance, review previous lessons.

This online class used Korean white butter every video has English subtitles (the videos are not live).


This online course is divided into 2 steps. 

* Step1(Basic_56mins)
Course designed for beginners, and enthusiasts that would like to start buttercream flowers.

- Color Toning (We used Korean white butter)
- Flower  Piping (10 in total)
- Decorating ( 4 cupcakes, and Wreath style cake.)
- How to make butter cream (Transparent and Solid Korean buttercream)


* Step2 (Intermediate_46mins)
In our step 2 course you can learn different skills, and piping methods to further improve your skillsets.

- Flower  Piping (14 in total)
- Decorating (Blossom&Crescent style cake)

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